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Goal Zero Solar Panels

Collect power to run your device or to store power in a Power Pack for later

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Goal Zero Power Packs

Store power in a Power Pack from one of our Solar Panels or the wall

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Goal Zero Powered Devices

Power your device with Goal Zero for an off-the-grid power solution

What devices can I power?

What devices can I power?

Our power packs charge a wide range of devices

To better help you understand your power needs we've divided our products into 3 categories. To see the individual products we offer in each of these categories click below.


Compact Devices

Our Compact class of products are perfect for charging devices with low-power needs such as cell phones, mp3 players, headlamps, and more

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Mid-Size Devices

Our Mid-Size class of products are perfect for charging devices with low or medium power needs such as tablets, laptops, DSLR cameras and more

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Heavy-Duty Devices

Our Heavy-Duty class of products are perfect for charging devices with low, medium, or high power requirements such as TVs, small refrigerators, CPAP machines and more

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You can power devices directly from a solar panel, although for the most reliable experience we recommend storing power and charging your device from one of our Power Packs.

How long does solar charging take?

How long does solar charging take?

Charging times between your solar panel and power pack will vary based on weather and the type of product used


You'll collect the most power from the sun on bright, clear days. That being said, solar panels utilize IR, UV, and visible rays from the sun that can penetrate through clouds. Although the efficiency of the solar panel will decrease in cloudy conditions, you'll still be collecting valuable power from the sun. Also, keeping your solar panel angled toward the sun can dramatically increase efficiency. Set it up and let Mother Nature do the rest.

Product Configuration


Charge Time:

3-6 hrs

How long will your power packs run my device?

How long will your power packs run my device?

The amount of time a power pack will last depends on the type of power pack and the power usage of your device

Product Configuration


Can my device run directly from a solar panel?

Can my device run firectly from a solar panel?

Most USB and 12V devices can charge directly from solar panels, if the weather conditions are good enough.

Small USB devices like cameras of MP3 players require 1-2.5W of constant power to charge. Our panels can easily provide this amount of power even in sub-ideal conditions. Smartphones and tablets have a higher power requirement, usually around 5W of constant power. A 7W rated solar panel will only produce 5W in perfect sun conditions, and because smartphones are quite picky about their power requirements, they can "give up" charging if there is ever an interruption in constant power - like when a cloud passes by overhead.

For the best experience, we recommend using a Goal Zero battery pack as a buffer, instead of charging directly from the sun, for the following reasons:

  • Heat and batteries are enemies. Precision electronics don't like heat either. When charging directly from solar, care should be taken to keep the device with the battery in the shade. The shade of the angled panel is a good option. Do not store devices next to the panels when charging. The heat will lower the life of the battery.
  • Weather uncertainty. Your phone may not be weather durable. Keep it protected.
  • If clouds pass by or weather changes, the charging can become interrupted. Phones will often reject the charge in cases like these. This means your phone could be sitting out there and not charging. Batteries give you a constant charge no matter the weather conditions. Goal Zero Rechargers/Power Pack charge well with solar regardless of the conditions – they never reject a charge opportunity.
  • You might not want to sit out in the heat of the sun, if you need to use your phone while it charges. Battery lets you move anywhere.
  • You use your phone during the day and charge at night. Solar doesn't work at night, but batteries work anytime.