About Us


Since Goal Zero became a company in June of 2009 our mission has been to empower people by putting reliable power in the hands of every human being. As we’ve grown over the years our mission has stayed the same and we’ve been lucky enough to connect with people around the world. We’ve been amazed by the steady flow of stories we receive about the good that our friends around the world are doing. In order to help share these stories we’ve created Solar Life.

Solar Life is about the feeling you get waking up to a frost-encrusted tent before dawn. It’s hiking a high mountain ridge to watch the sun rise. It’s bringing light into the lives of those in need, but most of all it’s having the freedom to get out and stay out doing the things that you love without compromising. Solar Life exists to capture and share the stories of those seeking adventure and empowering others. These stories come from our ambassadors, employees and, most importantly, you.

Whether you’re at base camp for months, camping in your backyard, or serving your community, these stories are for you. We hope they inspire, empower, and help you live a Solar Life of your own.

If you have a story about your own experience or a suggestion on how we can make the Solar Life better feel free to send us an email.

To learn more about Goal Zero, you can read our story or learn about how our products work. If you have questions or concerns about your Goal Zero product contact our customer service department.